Rob Pruitt x YOOX | Migration Moving Blanket

by Taylor Giangregorio

In collaboration with YOOX, the eclectic artist Rob Pruitt has transcended all art movements in his most recent work, “Migration Moving Blanket, 2018.” The series includes 40 distinctive, limited-edition blankets. Each priced at $2,915, the industrially produced blankets are accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity, hand-signed by Pruitt, himself.

Silkscreen prints of geese are stylized in geometric, pixelated patterns on each distinctly colored blanket. The geese play into the larger theme of the project: migration. Comparing the term on a natural versus anthropological perspective, many species migrate seasonally seeking comfort, food, and livable conditions. Whereas, humans often migrate for more complex reasons- whether it be to seek a more fulfilling life or to escape oppression or autocracy. Each piece reflects all forms of migration and are as unique as the individuals who have stories of packing up in hopes to find solace in a new setting.

The “Migration Moving Blanket, 2018” series debuts online today, Feb. 7, at and will also be exhibited at the art and design fair, Nomad St. Moritz, open today through Feb. 11, 2019.

Photos courtesy of YOOX