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Thirsty work with the FLAUNT staff and Jameson’s for St. Patrick’s Day

Ireland: lush rolling hills, and the peat, ahhh the peat. Although best known today for its leprechauns, multi-national tax avoidance, and peat, the Irish have been making magnificent whiskies for centuries, and Jameson’s distillery was founded in 1780, giving it a notable heritage of smooth triple-distilled Irish malt whiskey (Scotch by comparison is double-distilled).

Our mates from Jameson's dropped by the Flaunt office to commence our Rain of Terroir serial feature with their Caskmates blend and to celebrate that most Irish of occasions, St. Patrick’s Day (this Friday, March 17th).

Caskmates is an innovative new offering which is matured in casks that formerly housed stout brewed at the Franciscan Wells brewery in neighbouring Cork, Ireland. Born out of a friendship between the master distiller of Jameson’s and the master brewer of Franciscan Wells, Caskmates is a tasty drop that we at Flaunt were eager to sample with our Irish friends.

Jameson’s provided some tasty bites and the drinks, which were either enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a formidable flow of Irish coffees. While St. Patrick may have scared the snakes out of Ireland, our departure from the Flaunt offices that evening was graceful and many steps more elegant than a slither. A light and buoyant walk, ready for a night on the town, and a few more drams of Caskmates!

The Flaunt staff say:

What does this drink remind you of?

Matthew: The first time I saw California raisin figurines

Gus: naked rollercoasters

Morgan: Skinny dipping

Sid: The leather on dad’s belt

What would you pair this with?

Amy: A summer night

Matthew: Three and a half seared veal medallions


3 words to describe it?

Mui-Hai: Light, Burnt, Caramel

Matthew: Kind, Temperamental, Coffee

Sid: Exuberant, Smooth, Distinctive

What song would you listen to when drinking this?

Amy: Suzanne Vega – "Tom’s Diner"

Morgan: Anything Lenny Kravitz

Find out who said: The Pogues*


What is your ideal setting for drinking Jameson's?

Amy: A field in the middle of the night

Sid:  At a beach bonfire

Morgan: Whisky a Go Go


*These questions may have come after a few rounds.