Q&A | Entrepreneur + Girl-Boss, Amanda Steele

by Morgan Vickery

Amanda Steele is the 19-year-old beauty and fashion entrepreneur, self-made through the Youtube platform. While beauty and fashion vlogs attribute to her success, Steele’s work in creative direction is where her true passions lie. Recently, Amanda teamed up with the bijou brand, Luv Aj, to design a 17-piece collection for the edgy yet modern-day woman. Inspired by grunge and punk-rock accessories, each piece composes a strong statement while maintaining a feminine and dainty aesthetic- embodying Steele’s charisma. The ornate, detailed charms range from necklaces to bracelets to earrings while cultivating a rocker-chic vibe. We caught up with the iconic girl-boss to get the inside scoop on her latest collaborative collection:

What inspired you throughout the creation of this collection?

Starting the process of this collection, I knew I wanted to make a perfect hybrid of tough rocker jewelry with dainty everyday pieces. My jewelry style is very specific. I love grungy, rockstar, silver jewelry. It always seemed to me that this style of accessories only came catered to men. I wanted to create a collection that embodied the style I love while keeping the modern woman in mind. The Luv Aj x Amanda Steele collection lets people express their grunge side without being too intimidated by the trend.

Walk us through the collaborative design process.

I first brought Luv Aj’s CEO, Amanda Thomas, a multi-paged mood-board. I had highlighted specific pieces I knew I wanted to create and added a few inspiration photos for each design. We then went over the inspirations and came to an understanding of where we wanted to go with each piece. Amanda came back to me with sketches, and from there we decided the sizes, measurements, and what pieces we wanted to sell separately or as a set. We did a few back and forth with sampling to make sure everything was how I liked, and that was it!

What was it like working with Luv Aj?

Amanda Thomas was so amazing to work with on this collection. She truly understood my vision and really helped bring my ideas to life. It was so incredibly fun and refreshing to work with someone who had the same vision as me. It took such little explaining for Amanda to understand what I wanted to do! Having this mutual understanding made the collaborative process reach its full potential.

Tell us about your favorite pieces in the collection.

My favorite piece in the collection is the Fleur choker. I always had a vision for this piece and had been wanting it a part of my jewelry collection for so long, so I am so excited to have it made. Also, the bolt statement earrings are so much fun! I find myself always putting these on, and I guess everyone loves them too; Sold out right away! The fleur hoops are my favorite everyday piece. This is so hard. I love everything!! I think every piece complements each other so well. The mix and matching possibilities are endless.

Can we expect more design work from you in the future?

YES! It’s been my dream to be a designer for as long as I can remember, and the reason I started my YouTube channel. I am so beyond thankful for these design opportunities, especially now as I feel the most in touch with my style and skill. There will be much more exciting designs to come from me! This is just the beginning.

Luv Aj x Amanda Steele collection is available at luvaj.com

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Photography by: Bryan Rodner Carr