Q&A | Fucci

by Morgan Vickery

Fucci is the Finnish-Canadian pop ligne claire artist, recognized for his vibrant yet erotic art. The Toronto-based creative has revolutionized a new category within contemporary fields, infusing minimalism with sexual expression. Remaining sophisticated in a provocative nature can be difficult, but Fucci has perfect the balance throughout his career. We spoke with the bold and sensual art guru to discuss fantasy vs. reality, his favorite works, and what’s to come. 

How did your early Instagram cartoons snowball into a bonafide career in graphic arts?

I started posting drawings on Instagram in 2013 while I was working as a graphic designer. I would sit at my desk and draw on my downtime and after hours. Friends and colleagues insisted that I uploaded them for more people to see. Now, here we are.


Do your works represent a fantasy or reality?

Both. I put myself and life experiences into the work but there’s definitely some fictional elements to it as well. Sometimes things are made up on the spot and other times it’s something I’ve been through or can relate to and work a little longer at.

In your work, how do you hope to empower the female body?

The female body is powerful on it’s own. No need for background noise.

What’s one of your favorite prints to date?

I’d say “Lady In The Window” is one of my favourite printed editions so far. 


Provocative yet sophisticated, your work seamlessly blends contemporary, pop, surrealism, and erotic art all in one; How did you hone this perfected graphics style?

Trial, error and patience. I play with color for hours before I lay something down. Line work is so permanent. I focus, breathe and take my time.

What can we expect from you in the coming months?

Working on a new series of paintings. Planning more shows in the US and releasing some new editions. Keep an eye out!