Prada Wonderland

by Ryane Gonsalves

Prada Wonderland_03.jpg

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Prada presents it’s very own, Prada Wonderland. A pop-up installation at Galaxy Macau, consisting of a large selection of Prada’s leather goods and accessories. The brands most genuine, original pieces are reinvented to showcase a whole new world of luxury shopping.

Customers will be able to purchase some of Prada’s most exclusive pieces at Prada Wonderland. Including the new edition of the Prada Double Saffiano leather bag with crocodile leather and a men’s leather goods proposal in black and platinum active Saffiano leather.

Prada Wonderland_02.jpg

From 12th of January to 10th of March, a series of twentieth-century attractions will be the main event of Prada Wonderland. Located in the pop-up, two Prada Carousels and a Prada Wonderwheel will flaunt some of Prada’s most iconic items. Modeled after the renowned Prada store in Milan, the entire look of the pop-up ties together with the brand’s character.

Photos courtesy of Prada