Brands encouraging you to VOTE

by Agathe Pinard

In these extreme times with the world edging towards a mess and the youth largely disillusioned, shopping with the right intent might be the only thing to save us all. Though brands and politics have had an ongoing relationship since the birth of the designer label, it’s an ever important job for a new generation of brands to step up and get the kids moving. Here we highlight a few shopping options to get the army of fashionistas to the voting booth.

Pop & Suki

The two owners of Pop & Suki, the super cute brand of personalized and customizable handbags and jewelry are inviting their following to get involved in the election. "We want to encourage our community to vote and use their voice to create the future. It’s easy to stand back when you think your voice doesn’t matter, but we want to help people see the opposite. We all need to join together if we want a safer and more equal world. To help unite us all, we are giving away a heart to every person who tags their voting slip and hashtags #popandsukivotes."

All you have to do tomorrow is VOTE, take a selfie with your “I voted” sticker and post it on instagram with the hashtag #popandsukivotes. Then, send the link to your instagram post to The first 200 participants will receive an exclusive Heart keychain reading “on Tuesdays, we vote” from Poppy & Suki.


For the love of cute keychains but especially justice, equality and fairness, please vote tomorrow ♡.



In an effort to spread awareness and encourage civic engagement, Baldwin created three buttons to wear and share leading up to midterm-election day. The design is inspired by American artist, Jasper Johns’ iconic Three Flags (1958) painting. “As an American brand, we challenge ourselves to reflect on the actions we can take to define what it means to be American – and with these pins, utilize our platform to encourage others to stand for what being American means to them.”

Visit your local BALDWIN store to pick up a complimentary "vote" button while supplies last.



LCD x 69

LCD will be hosting an Election Night Launch Party with 69 the non-gender, non-demographic clothing line while the absolutely fab Tierney Finster DJs. The 6 piece capsule collection, includes 3 exclusive fabrications on 69’s iconic Big Button Up One Piece. The brand will offer a 15% discount off the 69 launch and up to 30% off other Fall merchandise in store to everyone with an “I voted” sticker.