Oh Topango, Like the Silent Film so Lovely yet Not Forgotten

by Dominoe Farris




Oh Topango, Like the Silent Film so Lovely yet Not Forgotten

The Secret Eyes of Dominoe Farris

I found Elena Stonaker through instagram. Her intricate hand beaded creatures and delicate watercolor paintings made this an obvious follow. Everything she was posting was so perfectly her own.

One day Elena posted that she was going to host a figure drawing session at her home in Los Feliz. My heart sang with delight at the prospect of meeting her. I hadn't done figure drawing since college and was excited to see if I still could draw.

As I stepped into Elena home my mind exploded. Everyone was gathered around on various poofs and pillows of many colors and patterns waiting for the model to come out. Elena’s sewn creations were everywhere. Neon butterflies, giant stuffed hands, beaded birds, stuffed plants and a female totem figure. Everything was so feminine, so fearless.

Out stepped my friend Sarah Buckley, the model for the evening, nude and painted by Elena. She moved with such grace and fluidity as we began to voraciously sketch. As she moved amongst the sewn props and art pieces it felt like a silent opera. The set decor was from another realm. The music Elena chose was so subtle. I remember I couldn’t stop humming along throughout the night. I left feeling so inspired not only by what I had witnessed but also by the other people courageous enough to come and create.

Since the start, Elena and Buckley have hosted other sessions in various locations under the title “Artist as Muse” with each one evoking a different theme. I truly feel that Elena and Buckley are one of the hubs in the art scene that is happening in Los Angeles right now. They are drawing together other creative souls through their “Artist and Muse” happenings and I’m curious to see how this will all evolve. All I can say is i’m grateful to be onboard.

Written by Dominoe Farris
Models: Elena Stonaker at elenastonaker.com, Sarah Buckley and Santiparro.