Willow Shields

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Willow Shields

“Willow has a bravery about her that is authentic and genuinely ‘Human.’”

– Writer/Director Jennifer Chambers Lynch, A Fall From Grace

CALIFUK wants to be actress Willow Shields’[15] protective older brother. In 2008, she graced the screen with V.O. work, followed by appearances on wholesome family-friendly TV programming. On Beyond the Blackboard (2011) she played Grace (apt title, right?), a homeless child who’s bestowed an opportunity to learn. Channeling her ineffable purity, Shields went on to land the role of Primrose Everdeen in 2012’s The Hunger Games. Reprising her role in the entire film franchise, she was excited to grow up with her bewitchingly innocent character who catalyzes the story’s emotional charge. As a District 13 working class student/healer, her sister (Jennifer Lawrence as heart-fluttering and heart-piercing Katniss Everdeen) chooses to fight to the death in her place during the dystopic, deadly media spectacle known as the Hunger Games. And give a CALIFUK-ing hand to whoever cast Shields in Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s forthcoming film A Fall From Grace (there’s that word again!). She’s the only female billed in the lead, and her coworkers are Tim Roth, Forest Whitaker, Vincent D’Onofrio, and David Lynch. Wow. Looks like she could join Sherilynn Fenn (Twin Peaks) and Laura Dern (Blue Velvet) as memorable beacons of morality juxtaposing a Lynchian nether-fantasy.

15 Born 1 June 2000[a]

15.a “[Stewart] also complained at Cannes that he had never been taken seriously in Britain.”[i]

15.i From “Honest,[ *] this All Saints movie is a total flop”

by Fiachra Gibbons | Guardian | 1 June 2000

 * Honest, a hugely hyped gangster flick starring girl band All Saints, bombed at the box office. Opening weekend, the film earned on average £550 at each of the 220 cinemas where it was screened. It was directed by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. Honest.

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