Tuppence Middleton

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Tuppence Middleton

“She can do anything and when a part requires her to work with something dark buried in her heart, she can be absolutely magic.”

– Creator Lana Wachowski, Sense8 (2015)

A Tuppence by any other name, CALIFUK supposes. Despite the matronly connotations of Tuppence Middleton [8] and her homespun designation, the British actress and her haunting hazel eyes have penetrated audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. American Netflixers might first have caught her keeping it real throughout horrifyingly escalating circumstance in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror (2013). In “White Bear” (the 6th episode for any fans in the house), she all-too-helpfully assists a mind-altered convict through a terrifyingly meta-reenactment. Even more “heady” viewers in the UK found the episode rather shocking, likely due to the unflinching composure of the Bristol-born player. Middleton’s grace under laser fire then impressed the Wachowski siblings, earning her the role of glitteringly demi-seraphim Kalique Abrasax in Jupiter Ascending (2015). Mission well accomplished, she was swiftly tapped for a role on the sibling’s first TV series Sense8. Here, eight hyper-empathic individuals wrestle with bestowed gifts, assumed responsibility for all mankind, and, of course, ever-pursuant threat of death at the hands of government-trained killing machines. But Middleton gets even cooler now, playing Icelandic DJ Riley Blue (her Targaryen-blonde short hair, so fire). CALIFUK wishes her safe journey through the symbolic fiction, and anxiously awaits a real invite to any and all geothermal raves.

8  Born 21 February 1987[a]

8.a “He’s advised by ex-Presidents? That puts the rest of us in our places.”[i]

8.i From: “Goodbys From Heart To Hartman”[*]

by Howard Rosenberg | Los Angeles Times | 21 February 1987

*Actor-turned-journalist David Hartman concluded his reign as host of ABC’s Good Morning America with a two-hour special. A list of intriguing thank-yous included, besides Henry Kissinger, former presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter for their “personal advice and counsel over the years.”

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Hair: Fabio Nogueira for Frankagency.co.uk.

Makeup: Justine Jenkins at Justinejenkins.com using Charlotte Tilbury.

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