Francesca Eastwood

by flaunt

“I always appreciate when an actor brings a lot of themselves to a role. It really helps the writers of a show understand who the character is. There is a confidence to her, a quiet stillness to her acting. It’s an ability to do a lot with just a look.” – Creator Tim Kring, Heroes Reborn

CALIFUK exists where classy and carefree intersect. And model, actress, socialite, Instagram elite Francesca Eastwood[9] knows the spot well. In spite of her seat in a royal acting dynasty—she’s the daughter of salutary actors Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher—she’s tallied up additional monikers while looping back to the performing arts. “Plans can disappoint,” she told the New York Post. Now, after mercurial acting gigs, and exploring Reality TV’s strange machination during Mrs. Eastwood & Company (2012), Francesca Eastwood is ready for serious commitment. Tim Kring has christened her with the role of Molly on Heroes Reborn; the supernatural serial drama comes to NBC this fall. CALIFUK tip 101: Don’t tittle-tweet about her; just follow her on Instagram (@francescaeastwood). Her jaw-droppingly gorgeous selfie game never strays from impeccable.

9 Born 7 August 1993[a]

9.a “The first time I saw Godspell,[*] back in the early seventies, I spent several weeks afterwards contemplating becoming a nun.”[i]

9.i From: “Nun the wiser”

by Lyn Gardner | Guardian | 7 August 1993

*After witnessing Lindsay Dolan’s tacky stage production of Godspell, theatre critic Lyn Gardner considered “signing up for the other side.” As the article title suggests, her faith in puns was left, uhhm, “unadulterated.”

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