NYC Band 'The Rassle' Releases New Single "Roll On"

by Flaunt Magazine

Born in Austin TX, and based in NYC, brothers Blair and Reed Van Nort of 'The Rassle' release their new track "Roll On." Drawing influence from bands such as Arcade Fire and Kasabian, they merge guitar music and electronic with equal parts indie vibes and stadium ambitions. Their latest single is the title track from their debut album that will drop June 22nd. 

"Rassle songs fully fist-pumpable, soccer chant, working-for-the-weekend all-star self-assurance jams of the goodness gracious variety"
-The Fader

"Better than Oasis" 
-Says band's Mom

Flaunt: Tell me about the song, how it came to be, the process etc...

Reed and I were living in a sublet apartment in Chinatown when we wrote this song. We were in between apartments and were dog-sitting for a friend who was out of town.  It was kind of a sketchy dump, but it had a really nice view on the rooftop of the city. We found out later that was one of the oldest tenement buildings in New York which is pretty wild. 

It worked out well though because I was in between freelance gigs at the time - and had a lot of free time. Reed had written a lot of instrumental demos for the record so I would work on writing lyrics to those all day while he was at work. Then when he got home in the evenings we would revise and edit the instrumentals parts together and add new stuff to piece the song together. We wrote a bunch of songs in that apartment in the two months we stayed there but I think the only two that made the record were "Shake" & "Roll On." 

I don't think I had any notes for Roll On when I sat down to write the lyrics. It was one of those strange birds that just wrote itself in one sitting. Later I tried really hard to rewrite parts of it to make it more intellectual. But it always felt best the way the words came out of my brain on that day in that moment.


What's next for Rassle?

We have a record coming out on June 22nd - we're pretty stoked that it's finally coming out. It kinda took us way longer than we would've liked it to, but we financed making it ourselves and we kept running out of money to finish it. 

We have some music videos that we've made that will be rolling out to support for some of the tracks on the record. And then we've also got some friends that have been working on some really cool remixes of a couple of our songs.

We use to have a side hustle working as Party DJ's so we're gonna drop a couple different types of summer playlists on our Spotify page this weekend as well. So far we've made playlists for a Pool Party, a Dance Party and a Punk Party haha. We'll probably do a couple more. We're getting kind of old but sometimes we still like to party.


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“Roll On” is the title track from the Rassle’s debut album that drops on June 22nd.  Listen Here