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A Photo Series of Personal Spaces Compiled by Our Friends and Lovers

For over two decades and several albums Tosca has served as a vehicle for Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber to express their personal moods and impressions, each release holding up a mirror to their inner lives. After ten albums, however, the journey has come full circle and for their new album, Going Going Going they’ve returned to the kind of instrumental tracks, full of deep beats and dubbed out textures that made Tosca’s name.

“It just feels good to come back to our original sound,“ says Huber, “After experimenting with song structures and vocal collaborations on the last album (2014’s Outta Here), we were looking at how we could make a logical progression and we realized that our real strength lay in Tosca’s roots, we just has to update that sound into something that made sense in 2017.”

The result is Going Going Going, an album that Tosca fans will immediately recognize and yet one that doesn’t just trade on former glories. Take the opening track “Import Export,” which sounds like a Lee Scratch Perry version of a Ennio Morricone soundtrack, a motif which reoccurs throughout the album, most notably on “Dr Dings,” their reinterpretation of the classic “Horse With No Name.”

Like the best of Tosca’s output, Going Going Going denies easy categorization, taking in everything from the uneasy listening of “Hausner” to excursions into House (“Wotan”), Ambient Electronica (“Olympia”), Funk (“Loveboat”) and beyond. Still, despite an almost overabundance of ideas, the result is a complex yet coherent album that stands shoulder to shoulder with the rest of their storied catalogue.

We asked Tosca, “So, what’s in yr fridge?”

“This is a snap from our studio kitchen- a place to hang out and talk senseless things that might lead to something meaningful….as well a very meditative space.”

“the studio is full of little souvenirs gathered over the last 20 years- I love to re-discover old and collected things – forgotten items that have a long story to tell.”

“…also a lots of records here- good to dig in the crates and find pure gold occasionally…”

“loungin department”

“making some music with the lovely fender rhodes- just love this instrument-this very fender rhodes mk2 was one of the first instrument I bought…”

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