Loren North Releases Cover Video of Drake’s “Controlla”

by Micaela Stanley

Loren North heard something she liked and decided to take it on. It wasn’t irrational, it was a carefully formed decision based on how well she knows herself, her sound, and her ability to put her personal aesthetic into a something she loves. She tells us, “Drake's music is revolutionary, and I knew I wanted to cover "Controlla" right when I heard it. I really feel like the way I recorded the song speaks to the way I write my own music”.

The song is an acoustic rendition of the hip hop hit complete with piano, acoustic guitar, and rich vocals—all performed meticulously by North herself. The slow track also embodies the nature of North’s original work in that It’s melodic, yet edgy. Creating a sound familiar enough to be universally liked, but also different enough so that it’s a fresh interpretation of a previously beloved genre.

Her cover videos, of which she edits and uploads to YouTube herself, are just the beginning for the young musician whose ambition alone is enough to carry her forward. Check out this one and discover Loren North for yourself.

Photo: Mackenzie Lenora