Kolomensky — “Illumination” Track Premiere

by Daniel Warren

The Moscow producer and DJ shares his new acid house track, from Russia, with love.

Russian DJ Kolomensky shares his airy acid house single with us and I'm really disappointed. Mostly because that track doesn't automatically come with a private Ibizan dancehall, a mile wide open bar, and a steaming indoor waterfall. This is the sound of you slamming Red Bull vodkas, crowding through throngs of wealthy revelers, till you're dripping with self confidence (and other substances) and recklessly grinding up on strangers. There's a ravey-Fred Segal vibe, too, propelled by a wavering synth. It's as though Kolomensky could score your wanton escapades by night, or your boutique shopping needs by day. Tres cool.

"Illumination" will be available Summer 2016 (via International House of Sound).

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