The Great Aural Interplay 7

by Everett Jax

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The Great Aural Interplay 7

A grip of blind dates betwixt a grip of musicians

[it seemed like a good idea at the time]

Bass Drum of Death interviewed 



No wonder the PSAs say duster isn’t the ticket to ride. Bass Drum of Death is. Garage is a musical spirit of sorts, taking form in the greasy low production of its barre chord-crunching anointed. Mississippi’s BDoD caught the spirit, advancing the cause with enough fuzz to grow a shag carpet in your ear. With the instrumental hustle of British Invaders and the everlasting DIY of Memphis punk, BDoD wears its influence on sweat-soaked sleeves while altogether avoiding sentimentality.

Bleached: What’re your horoscope signs? And are you into astrology or do you think it’s stupid?Bass Drum of Death: I’m a Cancer, Len (drummer) is a Leo, Jim (touring guitarist) is a Scorpio. I don’t really buy into that sort of stuff all that much. I can see why people do though. I read through that birthday book thing once and was like ‘Whoa...this is kinda spot on..?’

What highly acclaimed band do you hate the most?Justin Timberlake. I get why he’s ‘popular,’ I guess. I just think he is and always has been corny as fuck and it baffles me that I seem to be the only one who thinks that. Props to him for making people forget about his *NSYNC days, but I haven’t. I could go on for a while, but I’ll just leave it at ‘he’s corny as fuck.’

If you had to pick one type of cuisine to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?Italian, because then I could just eat pizza all the time.

What was the first tape or record you bought with your own money?No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom. That record had some bangers on it. ‘Spiderwebs’ was my jam in third grade...the deep tracks on that record are solid, too. I think I did OK with that purchase.

Who is the craziest person in your band and why? What is the craziest thing this person has done?Either me or Print (touring guitarist)...but nothing too terribly wild or anything, just the standard disappearing act for the night while on tour and/or getting too buck in the club. I’m sure we’ve done some ‘crazy’ stuff, I just can’t remember.

What’s your favorite fast food joint?Great question. I’ll answer in two parts. Fatburger is probably my favorite overall, with In-N-Out coming in hot in second place. Both of those are mostly only in California, though, so they aren’t options most of the time. Rest of the country? Chick-fil-A. Don’t care for their politics, but that’s some good-ass chicken.

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