The Great Aural Interplay 14

by Sway Benns


Sequined dress by ETRO and Hayley Acetate sunglasses by OLIVER PEOPLES. Silk dammer mini dress by LOUIS VUITTON and Alisha acetate sunglasses by OLIVER PEOPLES.

The Great Aural Interplay 14

A grip of blind dates betwixt a grip of musicians

[it seemed like a good idea at the time]

Bleached interviewed 



Despite that semi-embarrasing 818 that precedes your celly digits, being a Valley girl isn’t all bad; Jennifer and Jessie Clavin of the blonde-haired sister duo Bleached fully embrace it. The pair—who grew up listening to the Slits and perfecting Spice Girls dance routines—spent their teen days charming their way into punk shows. After fine-tuning their garage act on borrowed guitars, the two sought out separate musical outlets, eventually reuniting to form a more creatively aligned—and genetically similar—union. Despite the Clavins’ adolescent yearnings to escape the Valley, the girls’ roots remain grounded in eternal sunshine and unrequited love.

Dupree: Best dive bar gig you ever played?Jennifer: In New Orleans, on this tour, for sure. It was our first time there and by the time we played everyone was going crazy dancing and Jessie got up on the highest table and started soloing.

Jessie: Alabama. The Bottletree was a really cool venue with airstreams in the back that we actually stayed in for the night! We felt like we were camping!

Coolest album cover ever?Jennifer: X-Ray Spex’s Germfree Adolescents because whoever thought to Photoshop the band inside test tube jars was genius. Also, the colors pop out at me a lot. Like all the neon colors on the gray. It seems like a cover mastered before its time.

Jessie: Gun Club’s Miami. It’s a very L.A. cover. The photo just doesn’t really look planned and then there’s the palm tree in the back that just reminds me of home!

If you could be in a band from the ‘70s, which one would it be?Jennifer: Blondie. She is the queen of the ‘70s punk world and she dressed so cool.

Jessie: The Temptations when they got all hippie. I wish I was playing bass with them, wearing a poncho, totally grooving.

Tacos: Crispy or soft?Jennifer: Crispy for sure. Señor Fish deep-fried potato tacos are my favorite.

Jessie: Soft but the inside needs to be crispy! My homemade tortillas are.  So good!

What kind of car do you drive?Jennifer: It’s stupid so I don’t wanna say but I wish I still had my ‘83 oxblood Volvo sedan.

Jessie: I actually don’t have one, but my first car was a ‘64 Dodge Dart: baby blue and I named it Dexter!

What’s a song you wish you had written but didn’t?Jennifer: ‘Under My Thumb’ by The Rolling Stones. I think it’s one of the best songs ever written. The marimba part is so catchy. I like how simple it is, too.

Jessie: ‘Little Wing’ by Jimi Hendrix. I think it’s more of the solo I wish I had come up with!

Photographer: Guy Lowndes at Stylist: Zoe Costello for Hair: Caile Noble for Makeup: Miho Suzuki at using Temptu Pro. Styling Assistant: Lauren Skylar.