Mozart La Para | "La Vida Es Asi"

by Anahita Safarzadeh

Mozart La Para went deep and soulful with his latest track, “La Vida Es Asi” while filming in LA Victoria National Penitentiary in Santo Domingo. Believing in immersion and truth, the rapper went in, cuffed, and delivered a though-provoking message about life. The video, shot in the infamous prison, features honest visuals of men behind bars. Shaddy, in collaboration with the video, appears halfway and gives the scene a huge impact.

"I believe that music has no borders, that art is art and any artist is unique and deserves an opportunity to express their art to the public. I saw one of Shaddy’s freestyles and was very impressed by his talent. I decided to reach out to Shaddy and from that freestyle, “La Vida Es Asi” was born. ", says MOZART LA PARA.