Molly McCook

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

EPUZER     dress,  VEX  belt and gloves, and   LOVOA   earrings.

EPUZER dress, VEX belt and gloves, and LOVOA earrings.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on today’s network sitcom television landscape then you’ve most likely stumbled across Molly McCook, the twenty-eight-year-old blonde hair, brown eyed actress with “girl next door,” vibes who took on the role as “Mandy Baxter” on Fox’s Last Man Standing revival. Stepping into a character’s shoes originally fit for another actor isn’t an easy task, and many have failed trying (just ask Sarah Chalke who annoyed fans when she replaced Alicia Goranson as “Becky,” for season 6 and 7 on Roseanne), but McCook transitioned into her role seamlessly, while silencing the vocal critics who took the recasting to heart.

Besides appearing on one of Fox’s top-rated shows, she’s also landed the role of “Rebecca,” a law clerk originating from a powerful Republican political dynasty, on Good Trouble, a spin-off from The Fosters, airing on Freeform. The series, which premiered early January 2019, has kicked into fifth gear since its debut, with this week’s episode (airing March 5, 2019) promising to be their biggest one yet, featuring a guest appearance by Noah Centineo, the heartthrob who played everyone’s favorite woke jock in Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, reprising his role as “Jesus” (The Fosters) and becoming Rebecca’s (McCook) steamy new fling..  

Flaunt Magazine recently spoke with Molly McCook on an array of topics including the difficulties she faced when taking over the role of an already established character, juggling two different television shows at once, her side career as a singer, and life with her family.

Your new show, Good Trouble, just aired last month…how is it seeing yourself on the screen as a new character? How do your fans feel about you starring in a new show?

It’s been really amazing seeing myself playing such a fresh character. Rebecca and Mandy are such different characters, so it really challenges my work ethic to play the two of them at the same time. Last Man Standing and Good Trouble are also very different shows with different themes and audiences so again it's really a fun challenge for me to be able to juggle both roles.

RETROFETE   dress,   B LOW THE BELT   belt,   WOLFORD   tights,   ALDO   shoes, and   MONICA VINADER   bracelet.

RETROFETE dress, B LOW THE BELT belt, WOLFORD tights, ALDO shoes, and MONICA VINADER bracelet.

 When you first received the script to Good Trouble is there anything that compelled you into taking the role?

Yes, Rebecca is a fun, free spirited character. She really inspired me to take the role. I love how dynamic she is. The script has a good story and Rebecca has a tough attitude.

What is like working with two different casts at the same time?

Well working on the set of any sitcom is very different but the cast of Good Trouble has always been like family to me since the beginning. It’s always amazing being on set because we have so much fun. It was a little different than when I started on Last Man Standing, I was the newcomer to a show that was already established which made me a little nervous. However, once we started filming they quickly became family as well.

I know that you’re a singer as well, any upcoming musical projects that you’re working on?

Yes, myself and few other people have been working on some songs together. It’s been fun working with other people trying to figure out my direction and style that I will take on musically. Hopefully an album comes out of it though, I only have one song completed.

You come from a family of people in show business, did your parents inspire your acting career? Or did you find your own path into the industry?

My parents definitely inspired my career and they’ve always had good advice for what moves I should make. Acting is also just my passion, so I know I would have made the decision to pursue this career regardless. It runs deep in the family!  

Do have any actresses that you look up to?

Yes, I love Sandra Bullock. I love the type of work she’s done. I would love to star in a Rom-Com one day, but they don’t make them like they used to. Don’t make films like Pretty Woman anymore.

Outside of your acting/singing career, what do you like to do for fun?

I love watching movies! I don’t have a favorite but I’m always watching them.

Any sitcoms do you enjoy?

Ahh…I actually wish there were more. There’re not many sitcoms anymore.

Can you talk a little bit about your fiancé?

Yes, my fiancé’s name is John Krause, he’s currently working on a Broadway play. I’m really excited to be his supportive wife on the opening night.

Interview conducted by Maiya Dickerson

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