Michael Kiwanuka's "HERO"

by Megumi Murphy

Michael Kiwanuka just released his new single, “Hero”, before his album KIWANUKA comes out on Nov. 1.

The song revolves around the idea that “maybe all heroes die first.” The British singer-songwriter uses this song to pay homage to influential heroes that have passed due to violence, such as, Fred Hampton, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, JFK, Sam Cooke, John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, Tupac and more.


His music is a blend of Americana, Woodstock era-rock and early R& B mixed with psych beats and audio samples, giving him a unique sound that attracts intimacy and attention.

This new album, produced by Danger Mouse and Inflo, is Michael Kiwanuka’s third studio album. To see him live, tickets can be bought here.

His 2020 North American tour will start on Jan. 22 in San Diego and ends on Feb. 15 in Atlanta.

Preorder KIWANUKA here.