by BJ Panda Bear

If there is a perfect time to gather all the art elite in town for a banger it would be ahead of the hotly anticipated inaugural Frieze Art Fair LA. Taking advantage of this Michael Chow brought together an eclectic crowd of art, fashion, entertainment and various other creatives to celebrate his wedding to Vanessa Rano as well as his restaurant’s 51st anniversary, the first location was opened on Valentine’s Day 1968, at his 60,000 sq/ft space in Vernon. Notable guests included Heidi Klum, Kenny Scharf, Michael Eisner, Gus Van Sant, Bob & Eva Shaye, Ron Meyer, Jonas Wood, Alex Israel, Mark Grotjahn, and Mary Weatherford. The event was highlighted by a grand meal of Mr Chow’s iconic Beijing styled dishes dishes, a performance by Wyclef Jean which had the crowd captivated and of course being that it was also Chinese New Year a procession of luck dragons and lions flooded the room, swimming through the crowd dancing and blessing them with good fortune. 

Photos by BFA // Owen Kolasinski