Marta Pozzan

by BJ Panda Bear

ICEBERG   jacket, dress, and leg warmer,   STUART WEITZMAN   shoes, and   WESTWARD LEANING   sunglasses.

ICEBERG jacket, dress, and leg warmer, STUART WEITZMAN shoes, and WESTWARD LEANING sunglasses.

We all dream of the jetset life that comes with being an influencer. The thoughts of an endless carefree summers chasing the world for sun and warm climates. So it has come as a surprise when some in these special seats take on the production side creatively directing from in front and behind the scenes. The actress Marta Pozzan has taken it upon herself to do so as she continues to garner partnerships with brands such as Diesel, Miu Miu, Isola Marras, and Dior to name a few. Though what is striking is that she has taken on the role of a producer curating the the way which she performs.

With a childhood being surrounded by art attributed to her dear uncle who is an art collector, she showed of her encyclopedic knowledge as we took a stroll around the Paramount lot this past spring at the inaugural Frieze LA. This art background  matched with an extended amount of time studying acting has lead to a well versed approach to content creation, selling a lifestyle while also extending the lifestyle into a performative space.

“At the moment, I’m really focusing on video content, where I work to feature brands through mini fashion films. The goal is to tell more and more stories in the form of shorts that can hopefully inspire other women in a way that feels real, authentic and meaningful through my work with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. I love to touch subject matters that still feel untold and are relevant in our society.” Pozzan says of going beyond on the video production front.

Up next the Marta can be seen in a slew of productions including "Whisper" with Maia Mitchell and "The Great Illusion" with Selma Blair as well as attending the Venice film festival with ‘Cotril’.

A film commissioned for The Last Line

Photographed by: Eugenio Qose.

Styled by: Oretta Corbelli.