Happy Menocal for Margaux

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

It’s 2019 and, if you didn’t know, the fashion craze this year is shoes. So, if you’re not yet taking notice, it’s time to look down and pay attention. Margaux, a brand focused on providing footwear for women, teams up with Happy Menocal for a shoe which not only functions for the bride walking down the aisle but also for those warm summer afternoons spent cruising down the boulevard with your bestie.

The collection shines with vibrant summer and spring floral patterns printed on satin, a look which combines a daytime playfulness with the evening’s romanticism. Featuring rose, niagara, and ivory, their collaboration is a colorful burst of exuberance which will make all passerby’s look down and admire.

The Happy Menocal for Margaux collection is available here.