Marcell Von Berlin | BERLIN NIGHT Part IV

by Cayla Rubin

Combining sexy and ultra casual, juxtaposing street wear with classic, timeless looks, Marcell Von Berlin is a fashion designer cultivating a style as unique as himself. Born in Poland, the designer draws inspiration from his German roots and time spent in Berlin to create innovative, ready to wear, timeless collections. He is a trailblazer of fashion—but also much more. His recently opened West Hollywood flagship store on Melrose is combining fashion, music, and the art of burlesque through a series of parties. I had the lucky opportunity to attend one of these unforgettable events at his store last Thursday and here's how it all went down. 

I walked into the store and felt like a kid in a candy shop. The store at first felt quite small, as I gazed around there was an abundance of German chocolates to choose from and a cartoonist drawing the many guests in attendance; 10-year old me would have been in absolute heaven. While an homage to Von Berlin’s German heritage was a complete blast, a hidden curtain opened up to reveal where the fun truly resided. I walked into the dimly lit main room and there were beautiful visuals displaying Marcell Von Berlin’s logo, delicious cocktails and champagne, and vivacious electronic music. In the center of the room resides a stage, the first performer of the night, Super beauty is a contortionist dressed in a full body, head covering checkered elastic bodysuit. Dita Von Teese appeared as a special guest along wither her protege Gia Genevieve, a burlesque dancer whose spicy routine consisted of her popping her baby pink outfit made entirely out of balloons. The fun only continued after the performances with headliner DJ Tamara Sky playing the mystifying music she is known for. While this was all going on, guests were dressed to the nines, mingling, having the most fantastic time.

Photos by Jennifer Bobé