Maison the Faux | "Smile Now, Cry Later"

by Sam Bashaw


Creative studio, MAISON the FAUX, presented it’s new project on Oct. 5, “Smile NOW, Cry LATER.” The creative brilliance of the studio paired with Maavven and acclaimed choreographer and director, Nina McNeely created one hell of an existential night.

For the second time, MAISON the FAUX presented their take on the city of the fake. Los Angeles bled on stage in a spectacle of crazy costumes and a well articulated set. Walking into the venue, your senses were immediately struck by the disparaging images of a garden, a bedroom, and an office. These constructed realities transformed to deep emotions influenced by the presence of Hollywood in our society.

MAISON the FAUX studios went looking for true meaning and authenticity by asking the questions: When are emotions and feelings genuine and when does the character take over?
How do you recognize the mask?
The crew replicated these questions on a “piece de resistance” performance with actors franticly making sure they got characterization of their role just right. Each of the seven scenes were highly emotive, taking a toll on the actors. The audience wasn’t spared either as an assistant director went around directing the audience to smile and cry with the characters.

Each detail was meticulous. From the wardrobe to the glam, everything had to transform into a magical, yet authentic persona. The costume of the cast was tied together by voluminous houndstooth garments, crafted leather, and constructed denim. Modern pieces were gathered into romantic, organically shaped items that showed a careful balance between classic comedy and contemporary drama.

MAISON the FAUX never fails to stun theatrically, but at the end of the night you left feeling this weird sense of contentment. Smiles were wiped from the crowd and only tears were left.

Photos by Jordan Millington