LOVE, ANTOSHA | Listening Party

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

The uninitiated knew him as Pavel Chekov, a charismatic, oftentimes naive Russian prodigy and crew member of the Enterprise in JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot films. Everyone else knew him as Anton Yelchin a passionate, creative spirit who played chess, rocked out with his band The Hammerheads, captured beauty with his photography, and, unfortunately, left the world way too soon after a freak accident in Studio City. 

The newest documentary from Garret Price, LOVE, ANTOSHA celebrates Anton Yelchin’s life. In addition to score by Saul Simon MacWilliams, the film features original songs that had been written and recorded by Yelchin and his band the Hammerheads. Those songs have been released on a soundtrack that accompanies the film produced by the Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Chris Seefried.

Saturday, July 13th, witnessed friends, family members and prominent members from the film and music industry gathering together at Gold Diggers in Hollywood at a listening party for the LOVE, ANTOSHA soundtrack. Among those attending the event were Anton’s parents, actress Sofia Boutella, and the original members from The Hammerheads. 

Check out the LOVE, ANTOSHA score available now on all streaming platforms and then view the fabulous photographs from the listening party. LOVE, ANTOSHA premieres in Los Angeles on August 2nd.

Photographed by Christine Solomon