Local Authority Launches “LA Anarchy” Capsule Collection at Maxfield LA

by Sundai Johnson

Launched exclusively with Maxfield LA, the “LA Anarchy” capsule collection is the most recent project from founders Alan Sutcliffe and Jeff Skene of Local Authority.

The Maxfield Gallery in West Hollywood, transformed into a bold and gritty homage to Los Angeles. In the center, an electric red Ferrari, with garments from the collection along the perimeter. The space also featured various backdrops for photo-ops, like a chain link fence set in front of a faux brick wall, littered with propaganda posters, a red lip couch illuminated by a neon silhouette of a woman, and pink and green neon palm trees on either side of a surfboard. Co-founder Alan Sutcliffe mentioned that “they wanted the space to be fun and interactive”, and it was nothing short of.

Grounded in the brand’s, LA skate and surf culture aesthetic, the streetwear items in this collection are classic callbacks: leather moto jackets, black embroidered and patched letterman jackets, chinos, garage jackets and graphic tees. Print type adorning some of the garments read, “Malibu High” and, “Bel-Air” reminding us of the brand’s home base status as an LA brand. A sexy, soft-draped leopard print flooding an oversized, boxy short sleeve button down, loose joggers and bucket hat, remind us, also, that the brand is anything less than punk rock. Co-founder Jeff Skene says that this collection, “really encompasses the DIY, "do it yourself", subculture.” He explains that, “All of the limited punk patched garments featured patches that were printed and cut out by hand using custom and repurposed art inspired by propaganda posters and punk ideology.” The DIY aspect and curated vintage elements exhibit a strong sense of individuality that is truly felt throughout the individual pieces and the collection as a whole.

In conversation about the brand’s namesake, Co-founder Jeff Skene says that “The name Local Authority is inspired by pride for [their] community.” He states also that, “Many of [their] prints and branding feature iconic locations and highlight local aspects of the community” and that “[they] want their audience to be able to identify with the product on a core level.”

With Local Authority, it’s never about fitting in. The “in” is really standing on the outside of the lines.

Photos courtesy of @The1point8