Flaunt Premiere | Lil Jinro "2000&GROOVE / Grind"

by Taylor Giangregorio


After his EP, “LOVE LIFE” was released last fall, Lil Jinro has put his hometown city Fullerton, California on the map, with a little bit of help from Gwen Stefani. The up-and-coming Asian American artist is finding his niche in promoting messages of peace and all around good vibes in his laid back and groovy tracks.

His soothing voice paired over the upbeat track in 2000&GROOVE / Grind makes for the perfect tune to lend your ears to on the rides to and from work. The accompanying music video is a visual representation of water, as the narrative reminds the viewer of the necessary function water serves in our lives and the perpetual exploitation of it.

Aside from expressing educational messages, Lil Jinro pays tribute to his upbringing in Orange County in his latest music video, where the majority of his production team hails from. Lil Jinro is able to accomplish a relaxed tone while spreading important messages through his content. A socially conscious artist with a palliative voice laid over buoyant bops is just the kind of artist that our culture needs.

Photo courtesy of the artist