Lightning in a Bottle 2019

by Paulette Ely

If you’ve been to Coachella or are a familiar festival fiend, you know that the Do Lab team does not disappoint. Lightning in a Bottle 2019 was definitely no exception. Where pitching a tent leads to a weekend of psychedelic sensory overload, LIB completely lived up to the hype. In all of my years of festival frolicking and camping navigation, I can honestly say that no other festival is as immersive of an experience and so wholesomely welcoming. The wook wonderland was a refreshing world of genuine self-expression, where the most fashionable fits were not merely worn for an Instagram post. Not only were there legendary sets such as Santigold, Soulection and a Flying Lotus 3D experience meant to trip out those tripping out, but LIB also included yoga, swimming, meditation, and art that enchanted all of us far more than expected. That’s not to mention the unique family friendly aspect where sound-cancelling headphones hugged the heads of little ones whose brains were producing the most pure serotonin levels around. LIB is truly an unforgettable festival, and for those who can’t remember it, I guess you’ve got to get back to the lake next year. 

Photos by: Gitte Meldgaard, Paulette Ely, and Anita Grigore