Libra Gift Guide Part 1 Libra

by Flaunt Magazine

During the end of September and most of October, the sun is entered into the sign of the scales, Libra. Being ruled by Venus, the traits consisting of partnership, fairness, and romance. They are known for their high aesthetic taste and tendency to over-indulge. This time of year is when balance should be put in place, just like the scales that represent the sign. We have some tips for finding the perfect gift for your special Libra.

Being an air sign, Libra is all about communication and ideas. Gift are are the best way to communicate with these air signs. Treat your Libra with something Venusian, like our pick of accessories to accent their beauty. Gifting your Libra with Off-White bags or letting them see through rose colored glasses with Chrome Heart’s sun glasses. Due to their Venusian qualities, Libras usually tend to be on trend. Get them the Maison Margiela, glam bag to satisfy their lush taste. Any of our accessories will charm your Libra.

Libra has their pulse on the trends so you want to make sure that your gift is up to par. Whether they are skiing with their Calvin Klein ski mask or stomping around in their fiery Prada heels. There is a need for glamour with Libra energy so whichever gifts you choose make sure it is in balance with their aesthetics.

Photography by Jim Turner Jim Turner

Art Direction by  Aitor Samuel Aitor Saumell

Written by Collin Schreiber Collin Schreiber