Libra Gift Guide Part 2

by Flaunt Magazine

Libra keeps a busy lifestyle, from being the social butterfly to being your favorite match-maker. She needs some R & R too. Libras love self care, so gifting something to add to their beauty régime. Keep their skin glowing and dewy with Dr. Jart’s Water Fuse skin care products or with a Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty. Some say the glyph of Venus is also a mirror, used to admire and love themselves. Libra does love to adorn. Getting them some Dior nail polish, eyeliner, or perfume will make them feel like the exquisite creatures that they are. 

She doesn’t just like to look beautiful but she prefers to live beautifully. She can lounge around listening to her Nina Simone Sings The Blues record while she flips through her pages of her new Roland Mouret book. You want to give a present that will help paint a picture of their opulent lives.

Dishware from GEARYS will add the luxe to your Libra’s home. But due to Libra’s need for balance, you might just need to get his dog some new dishware as well. Your Libra will appreciate you knowing them so well.

Photography by Jim Turner Jim Turner

Art Direction by  Aitor Samuel Aitor Saumell

Written by Collin Schreiber Collin Schreiber