Lagos Launches Smart Caviar Second Generation

by Armine Gulyan

Photo courtesy Lagos

Photo courtesy Lagos

Fine jewelry juggernaut LAGOS has been praised for their Smart Caviar Collection, an innovative line of bracelets designed for the Apple Watch. Known as the first fine jewelry bracelet created for the smartwatch, Smart Caviar utilizes the signature LAGOS Caviar beaded designs that catapulted the first Caviar Collection into the limelight. 

With beginnings in the jewelry repair industry, Steve Lagos began to utilize his talent for design and established LAGOS in 1977. The brand has remained true to its mission for creating beautiful pieces of fine jewelry that remain lightweight and versatile for the modern woman. Their venture into designing bracelets for the Apple Watch has shown their evolution as a brand. By creating sleek pieces for the smartwatch without compromising their signature design, LAGOS successfully bridges the gap between high tech and fine jewelry, and brings us something extraordinary.

LAGOS is coming out with the second iteration of their coveted Smart Caviar Collection, this time with new styles. Along with the inaugural sterling silver and diamond bands bracelet, they will introduce styles that utilize stainless steel combined with 18K gold as well as black ceramic. We spoke with founder the master jeweler Steven Lagos.

Photo courtesy Lagos

Photo courtesy Lagos

Your beginnings stem from jewelry repair, after which you ventured into designing your own. What was it about jewelry that made you choose it as your avenue for design?

From a young age I knew I wanted to live a creative life. I grew up at a time in the ‘70s when there was a focus on craft and it had a huge influence on me. I became fascinated with how jewelry gets passed along and becomes part of a family’s legacy and the stories it tells. It is the most personal form of art you can own. I wanted to create jewelry that women would cherish and feel confident wearing. I saw there was a gap in the marketplace for wearable fine jewelry and I liked the idea of creating a product with a distinct point of view.

Do you feel that your hands-on origins with jewelry have given you a specific advantage in the field of jewelry design?

I became a master jeweler because I wanted to be able to design whatever I dreamt up. I didn’t want my creativity to be limited by my abilities. Those skills helped me in the beginning when the designer fine jewelry category was first introduced. I was a goldsmith and I also knew how to work with silver, so our collections really took off. We were the first to do two-tone at a time when women weren’t wearing silver and gold together.

When designing these products, how much attention do you give to their comfort level amongst the design?

I developed our signature Caviar beading to be comfortable and wearable so it can be worn every day. It’s soft, flexible and moves with your body like a second skin. My approach has always been form follows function. I think it's easy to make things that look great, but really it's how they fill a physical or emotional need that make women cherish them.

Photo courtesy Lagos

Photo courtesy Lagos

Bracelets are a fundamental part of the LAGOS brand, and come in a variety of beautiful styles. Do you have a particular preference for them as jewelry items?

I enjoy designing all types of jewelry, but our classic Caviar rope bracelets have always been our best sellers. It plays into our motto: My LAGOS My Way. Our customers love to mix and match and stack and express themselves through our bracelets.There’s no wrong way to wear them.

What inspired the original Caviar Collection?

I developed our signature Caviar design in the 1980s when I was working on a hematite necklace. The beading reminded me of caviar, which universally represents luxury. It felt like the perfect fit for the growing brand I was building and customers have really responded well to it.

The Smart Caviar Collection sees LAGOS venture into designing for the Apple Watch. Did you get the idea for designing for them when they first launched?

I’ve always loved the design and functionality of the Apple Watch, I have a lot of respect for the integrity of their design. I just wanted to elevate the sporty look and offer women options. It’s what we do all the time for women – offer options to express themselves and their personal style however they choose. After the success of our initial launch of sterling silver, 18K gold and diamond styles, I started exploring other non-traditional materials like stainless steel and ceramic to offer our customers even more choices.

Photo courtesy Lagos

Photo courtesy Lagos

Photo courtesy Lagos

Photo courtesy Lagos

You created the first fine jewelry bracelet for the Apple Watch. In your opinion, have the lines between high tech accessories and fine jewelry started to blur?

Wearables are the next big thing in tech. The tech business will become an iteration of the jewelry business and we’ll definitely see more tech-infused jewelry like Smart Caviar. As people wear more tech they’ll look for more ways to express themselves and these innovations will allow them to stay connected without sacrificing their personal style.

Amongst this blending of fine jewelry with the smartwatch, has comfortable every day wear been an integral component of the end result?

All of our Caviar collections are designed to be comfortable and wearable so they can be worn every day. But I’m always looking for new materials to enhance the customer’s experience. Our new ceramic and stainless steel Smart Caviar is lightweight, durable and versatile enough for every day wear. And weselected materials that won’t scratch or fade so they’re perfect for the LAGOS woman’s busy lifestyle.

Do you see the brand expanding into designing for other areas of wearable technology within the coming years?

I have many ideas and feel inspired by the future of tech-infused jewelry, but for now I’m focused on Smart Caviar. My goal has always been to provide as many options as possible for women to express My LAGOS My Way.

The new line will be available on the LAGOS website, alongside retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.