Kids of Immigrants x Border of Angels

by Taylor Giangregorio

Using fashion as a means to express passion, love, and social awareness, the fashion brand Kids of Immigrants is releasing a new collection and campaign, entitled “Love Has No Borders,” in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Border Angels.

Border Angels advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on the United States-Mexican border. All proceeds from the sweater, with the campaign’s mantra printed throughout, will help to fund shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, providing housing for many migrants.

Serving as the face of the collaboration, Honduran-American singer “Empress Of” wears the sweater proudly. As both the fashion movement and the nonprofit are mutually dedicated to immigration reform, Empress Of relates her family’s story of immigration to the larger picture of social reform that the country faces today.

“My parents migrated from Honduras to New York in the 1980’s to create a better future,” said co-founder Daniel Buezo in relation to the campaign’s purpose. “A country built by immigrants now closes its doors to immigrants. If it wasn’t for my parents taking that chance, taking that risk, I wouldn’t be here today."

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Photos courtesy of Melchizedek Chan