Best Buds | Richard Prince and DRx

by Maceo Bastien

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Cannabis products have been the must-have accessory for years (hey Snoop!), but now, for the first time, contemporary artists are getting into the game. Katz + Dogg, a new line of vapes by the celebrated Pictures Generation artist Richard Prince, has just hit the market. Now that's the kind of appropriation we can get behind! But what would a designer marijuana strain be without an associated streetwear drop? Katz + Dogg now also has its own pet-heavy fashion line from Dr. Romanelli a.k.a. DRx, who also goes by his civilian name, Darren Romanelli.

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The fashions feature Prince's signature "hippie drawings," which bedeck Katz + Dogg's boxes and pens, over appropriately chilled out and upcycled vintage pieces like Grateful Dead t-shirts, or kimonos with doggos stitched into them. The sweatshirts are the kind of thing you could use to dress down a nice pair of jeans, and we'd totally love to wear one of those t-shirts, instead of a button down, with a suit.

The Los Angeles-based Romanelli has been called “the mad scientist of vintage clothing” by Hypebeast. Over the past 20 years he has made a name for himself by deconstructing and repurposing vintage items, adding layers of art or music before merging them with select brands that get it.

The Katz + Dogg line will be exclusively available at the Forty Five Ten boutique in Aspen, and is now also available at the bookstore at Gagosian New York. It's handsome stuff but if you're interested you should act fast; supply is extremely limited due to the fact that these items were made on vintage clothing. If you do schlep all the way to Colorado to snag one of these fits, try and remember to bring us back some goodies. The TSA there isn't as strict as you might imagine.

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Photos courtesy of Katz + Dogg