LAMAG: Juried Exhibition 2018

by Flaunt Magazine

The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery is presenting a group exhibition, Juried Exhibition 2018. An introduction to a new generation of Los Angeles Artist.  Juried exhibitions have been running for six decades. This year’s show features the work of over 50 students and recent graduates across artistic disciplines from paintings, ceramics, photography and installations. Awarded biannually by the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), the show provokes conversations about identity politics and intersectionality to “prepper” culture, psychoanalytic theory and the relationship between images and truth in a digital age at a time when the concept of “truth” is being questioned. 

The opening reception included a special performance by Rebecca Bruno, the founder of HomeLA, with Samantha Mohr. Notable works include Hannah Varamini’s dramatic site-specific seaweed installationColony Repriseand Gal Amiram’s Doubles , which features a 24 foot inkjet print that critiques the manipulation of images through digital technology.

The artists were selected from an open call entry by the helps of Jonathon Griffin, art critic, Jamillah James, curator and Steven Nelson, Professor of African American Art History, UCLA.

The exhibition will run from July 26th- Sept 16th.

Written by Nicole Tran