Flaunt Premiere | Jen Awad "Hungover"

by BJ Panda Bear

Jen Awad has a cruelly confessional way around tapping into everyone’s pangs. Whether it be a “Basic Bitch“ who plagues your life or announcing, “Love is Dead“ she places all our mundane annoyances well into song. Forming a persona around a 60’s pop diva gone bad, her modern take combines classic soul song structures with lyrics that would have landed her in the slammer for indecency. With her latest release “Hungover,” she continues to hit us in our collective throbbing heads and guts. The visuals come close the our weekend antics, showing her stumbling late at night and barely capable of making it down a stairway.

The continuing collaboration with director Liz Nistico from Holychild has helped to fully envision this sardonic take on 60’s songstress gone bad, keeping things comical and a heartwarming experience. Hopefully this video should help with your hangover along with the Gatorade, green juice, and fried everything cure.

Photos by Mallory Turner