Jeffertitti’s Nile Re-Emereges to share their anti-single single

by Corrine Ciani

Photo by Lilly Creightmore

Photo by Lilly Creightmore

Phantoms of the LA music scene Jeffertitti’s Nile is back to share their anti-single single, “Heaven.” Conceived by Jeffertitti Moon, the band’s latest piece is an atmospheric, nearly 6-minute long experiment offering a multitude of twists and turns.

“It’s about recognizing that we are not just bound by all this impermanence, and there must be some much deeper magic that keeps everything orbiting around each other.  Maybe that, no matter how hard we must struggle in this physical Babylonian life, there are other places we exist too. Even if only in dreams.” says Moon.

The band started off the year with a sold out performance at LA’s coveted Zebulon, and they will be taking the stage tonight, at the Echoplex for Swimm’s Love You Down III festival in celebration of long time friends Warpaint’s 15 year anniversary.