Jasmine Little's Retrograde at Night Gallery

by Dona Ibrahim

Courtesy of Night Gallery

Courtesy of Night Gallery

Jasmine Little, a Colorado-based sculptor and painter, will be exhibiting Retrograde at Night Gallery for the first time from July 20th to August 24th.

Her work highlights the characteristics of ceramics that breeds cross-pollination, and the slippage between artists who work in a physical proximity from each other. Little creates objects that are overwhelmingly human by using materials that are specific to one location, while at the same time, using imagery that is universal to all of us.

Little’s exhibition will feature large, cylindrical stoneware vessels with iconography carved onto the surface. For this project in particular, Little taps into many places for inspiration including: Flemish and Renaissance paintings, medieval illuminated manuscripts, Safavid period carpets, Japanese woodblock prints, Greek black-figure and red-figure pottery.

Photographed by  Stefan Simchowitz

Photographed by Stefan Simchowitz

Little has incorporated a unique formula into the sculptures with clay that has been hand-mixed here in California. This distinctive clay incorporates a foreign substance that creates a unique surface. Little then carves directly into the clay while it’s still wet. She then adds on more materials like: common gravel, porcelain and clinker brinks—which are bricks that have been recovered from a local Arts and Crafts-era house in Pasadena, California. These discolored and distinctive bricks were famously used by Greene & Greene Architects.

Little has recently had exhibitions at Johannes Vogt, New York, NY; Galerie Dumonteil; Lefebvre & Fils, Paris, France; Tif Sigfrids, Athens, GA and Five Car Garage in Santa Monica, CA.

More information on Little’s exhibition and the gallery can be found here.