Instupendo | Boys and Girls

by Jake Carver

Instupendo, aka Aidan Peterson, has been rising to prominence in electronica ever since he was a preteen making Soundcloud tracks. You may recognize him from recent collaborations with Toro y Moi on the song “50-50” and Rostam’s on the Half Life remix LP.  He’s known for ambient, melancholy harmonies that reflect his own criss-crossing emotions. With his new EP, Boys by Girls, dropping today, Instupendo is making a bold, new addition to his intricate and unorthodox soundscape: his own voice.

Listen here.

Photo: Sammy Nelson

Photo: Sammy Nelson

Boys by Girls expresses Instupendo’s emotions and identity. He describes: “I’ve always felt closer to girls, like I can be myself with them without having to conform to the kinds of expectations guys often project on each other. The stories and feelings I’m conveying through many of the songs on this project are about being able to just ‘be’, to be the boy I am when I’m around girls.”

Buy link to Boys and Girls here.