by Morgan Vickery

Global phenomenon and Art-de-Vivre chain, Maison Kitsuné is a story that keeps on growing. Today, the mega brand celebrates a new milestone with the appointment of Yuni Ahn as creative director, and the unveiling of his first photo series. Marking new territory for stylistic nuances, Ahn is grounded in the roots of House Kitsuné, tapping into it’s musical influences of the ‘90s golden age scene: House Music.

In Zuma Beach, California, Sam Rock captures the essence of a youthful summer in Kitsuné fashion. The series of black-and-white and chromatic shots document the power of “now” with a realistic and in-the-moment reflection, creating an intimate feel between the subject and viewer. While this is the first of many projects for the creative director, this series shows a promising start to his province. 

Photography by: Sam Rock

Styled by: Tom Van Dorpe