Lighting Up In Honolulu

by Kyle Huewe

Ward Village’s “Light Garden, a 1000-Year Bloom,” appeals to a new breed of artistic expressionists: those using technology to further the means of art.

Designed by nationally-acclaimed artist and technologist Alexander Green, The “Light Garden” features over 25,000 LED lights embedded in flowers and natural structures, spanning an area of roughly 9500 square feet – larger than a regulation basketball court. Lights aside, the Garden will also feature curated sounds, textures, and specialized colors

Green is founder and CEO of Symmetry Labs, a company specializing in light displays public art, experiential design, and live performance, whose clients range from Nike to Nissan. Green’s work has been previously displayed at the likes of Burning Man and the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery.

The Garden will be completely free to the Hawaiian public, and will remain open through early February of 2019. Honolulu will be lighting up December 14th, so be ready for the self-described “perfect Instagrammable moment.”

“Light Garden, a 1000-Year Bloom,” opens December 14th until the end of January

Photos by Mark Kushimi