Happy Socks x Pink Panther

by Megumi Murphy

WWPPD? What would Pink Panther do?


Happy Socks just launched a new collection inspired by the iconic 1964 Pink Panther film. Pink Panther is known for being adventurous, curious and fun and these socks represent just that. Not only did Happy Socks design them to have that distinctive 60’s look, but wanted them to emphasize their mantra, “Pink Big.” The message behind these socks is to remember that “every question doesn’t need an answer, it just needs a different pink perspective.” Channel your inner Pink Panther and think outside the box.

The collection consists of seven colorfully designed “soft combed cotton crew socks” for men, women and kids. They also offer men’s and women’s underwear in the same prints. How can anyone resist quirky socks by the name of “Pink a Boo” and “Say Pink,” to “Jet Pink,” and “Pink Panic?”

These socks are a daily reminder to never take life too seriously, because Pink Panther never did.

The special edition “Happy Socks x Pink Panther” sets can be purchased here.