Flaunt Premiere | HÄANA "GOLD"

by Morena Duwe


Hearts are made of it, rappers festoon themselves in it, athletes covet it, and it is the monetary standard. I'm talking about gold, of course, which is also the title of the newest single by HÄANA née Haana Thiem. To HÄANA, gold signifies warmth, sunset, femininity, emotion, hope, and healing. "In the studio about to record the vocals, I was having a bit of a rough time with something unrelated, and was working through some deep emotions," HÄANA shares. "When I listen back to the track, I literally feel golden rays hitting my face. I'm so glad it all happened the way in which it did. It would not be the same song without my emotions." Blending wistful, elastic violin with broken electronic beats, HÄANA has carved out her own unique space in the music world as a psychedelic one-woman orchestra. Featuring her long-time collaborators avant-garde ballet dancers Marlowe Bassett and Andrea McGinnis (of METAMORPHOSIS Ballet), "GOLD" is a beautifully executed film noir-inspired vision by cinematographer Daniel "El Suchi" Garcia.

With Czech/German heritage and a time spent in Iceland, the Los Angeles based multi-hyphenate fell in love with Nordic musical traditions, which can be heard in many of her compositions. Her diverse sonic palate produces a satisfying blend of bass-driven, gut-vibrating beats and ethereal melodies. Though immersed in the festival scene playing large-scale events such as Coachella, she has also appeared at Gillette Stadium with Kanye West opening for the Rolling Stones, performed at Obama's Inaugural Ball and played Michael Jordan's Wedding.

HÄANA's work is a multi-sensory, multicultural experience that is as evocative and timeless as the warm, familiar tones of her violin.

Photos by Jane Hu