Mag-on-mag Love: Toasting 200 Issues of Frieze (and a game-changing LA art fair)

by Flaunt Staff

We’ve long kept an admiring eye and an arched eyebrow cast across the Atlantic to keep tabs on Frieze. They’ve been hustling since 1991, documenting the ever-changing art scene and changing the scene themselves with their lovely volumes, usually boasting cover-art from the biggest names in the game. In that time they’ve notched 200 issues, and with no small number of issues under our own belts (#164—keep your heads on a swivel, Frieze! ), we know well the sweat it takes. And now we have a full-on British invasion on our hands with the arrival of Frieze’s first-ever art fair in LA, running this week from February 15-17. It promises to be a humdinger: 70-something galleries, commissioned projects from LA art stars Barbara Kruger, Max Hooper-Schneider, Cayetano Ferrer, Sarah Cain and many more, with a fitting location at the Paramount Studios backlot.

In line with the theme of Frieze’s 200th issue, “A Tribute to Enthusiasm,” editorial director Jennifer Higgie informs us that they’ve asked “200 of our favourite thinkers – artists, filmmakers, writers, curators, art historians, cultural critics and others – to nominate something or someone that or who has inspired them since 1991. Their overwhelmingly positive responses – which we’re publishing across print and online at – range from comic strips and poems to fan letters and artworks. The choices are moving, often funny, sometimes unexpected and always illuminating.”

Enthusiasm feels fitting when you wake up to find that suddenly your town is the hot young thing at the party that everyone wants a word with, including the sightly, smart interloper with the charming accent. It’s an exciting time. So, with ample bonhomie and a warm welcome to our fair city, we’re hoisting a toast to Frieze's 200th issue with a look back at some of their loveliest covers in the gallery above, along with a week of mag-on-mag love in the run-up to Frieze LA, including upcoming features with Frieze affiliates and artists (Executive Director Bettina Korek, Curator Ali Subotnick, artists Kori Newkirk and Cayetano Ferrer) in our own forthcoming volume, The Elemental Issue.