FLAUNT PREMIERE | Nic Pool "Rockets"

by Flaunt Intern

Not many artists can say that they pull the inspiration for their music from shows like X Files, but Nic Pool can. With an imaginative personality, he created an escape for himself in his music, that developed at a young age after feeling that the people around him — including even his family, did not truly understand or connect with who he was.  

Debuting the second single from his forthcoming debut EP You & The Falls, out on February '19, Nic describes “Rockets” as “an ode to that feeling of wanting to escape your surroundings and a fascination with all things intergalactic”. With lyrics like “saw something landed on the moon” and “tv screens humming” it’s not hard to discover his inspiration behind his music.

“Rockets is an ode to all things intergalactic, and c/o my obsession with X Files, Ancient Aliens, Stephen Hawking, and Carl Sagan. Growing up I always found myself daydreaming about space, ETs, black holes, and the end of the world (yikes) so this track is inspired by that fascination... It's also a metaphor for the journeys we take in life that test our limits - the people who mislead and disappoint us, and the fragile line between desire, infatuation and destruction.” - Nic Pool

Check out “Rockets” here:

Written by Charmaine Griffin

Photographed by Emmy Wildwood

Artwork by SS Powell