Flaunt Premiere | Daniela Andrade

by Morgan Vickery

Daniela Andrade - Polly Pocket Cover Art - Web.jpg

Daniela Andrade, is a singer, songwriter, and producer known for her “bedroom-pop” persona. Emerging in the industry, Daniela found her platform on YouTube. Since her debut in 2008, the Canadian songstress has acclaimed a global fanbase with a couple of million subscribers.

Today, Daniela releases “Polly Pocket,” one of her first self-produced and written tracks. The delicate beat-driven tune is a sweet accompaniment to a surrealist video, transporting us into Daniela’s dimension. The visuals created by Oscar-nominated director Jeremy Comte, capture the essence of Andrade’s imagination in a fuzzy pink retro dollhouse.

Flaunt spoke with the up-and-coming artist to discuss “Polly Pocket” and what’s to come:

What was your inspiration behind 'Polly Pocket?'

At the time I wrote it I was trying to place these conflicted feelings of having to meet new people and go to events. Maybe it’s because I haven’t grown out of not liking to be told what to do or expect. I didn’t know it at the time i wrote it but writing polly pocket was a way of breaking these experiences down to bare elements.

Polly Pocket was one of the first songs I produced myself. Sampling different drum patterns and reconstructing them to sound how I liked. It’s been a really experimental time for me—trying my hand at writing with different bpms and genres. Polly pocket captures this for me completely as I didn’t take the writing process for it super seriously, I just wanted to have a lot of fun with it and let whatever come out, come out.

When I first heard the synth paired with the beat the words “polly pocket” came as I was building the melody line/phrasing and the rest of the lyrics followed really quickly. I wrote the song in one evening and figured out in retrospect I was dissecting a topic i’ve been trying to figure out for as long as I can remember: party’s or gatherings.

What influenced the lyrics in this single?

Writing lyrics doesn’t necessarily come from a completely conscious place for me sometimes and this song is definitely one of those instances. The lines “everything is a projection” and “getting high off expectations” stuck out to me after I wrote them. I feel like we are all guilty of getting sucked into hype, especially in this day and age.

This constant pressure of “who you know” or needing to socialize/network and meet the right people can be really daunting. I feel like “Polly Pocket” became this internal anthem for me to see things for what they are to me as opposed to what other people tell me it should be, or acting things out for someone else’s narrative.

Tell us about the creation of visuals by Jeremy Comte.

The creative direction of the video came organically through the title and the meaning. A real nod to the toys I used to play with and the sims-like world it sometimes feel I live in my own head. A constant push and pull against myself through different stages.

Jeremy and I have been working together for a few music videos now. Polly Pocket’s concept was a really collaborative experience. The concept stemmed from the lyrics of the song, we wrote the treatment together, got a really talented group of friends to come in on it. We worked closely with my friends: Frederique Ste-Marie on the set design and Nicholas Cabana helped make the VFX ideas come to life. From the production team to the DP, it was a real team effort. Having Jeremy at the head of this, bringing out everyone’s strengths, while leaving room to listen and incorporate ideas that fit with his vision is something I always feel lucky to be a part of.

What's next?

I just want to keep making music and continue to dive in deeper into production and songwriting. I’ve been feeling open to collaborations and that’s an exciting thing for me since I’ve basically lived over half of my life on the internet making things happen alone or with my manager. I’m also in such a different place now that I’m well into my 20s, there’s something really liberating about understanding myself and caring wayyyy less than i did about what other people think. I'm planning on releasing a lot of new music this year.