Flaunt Premiere | Charlotte Cardin, "Double Shifts"

by Morgan Vickery

French-Canadian Charlotte Cardin is Atlantic Records’ model-turned-singer/ songwriter. In Montreal, Charlotte explores the relationship between human beings, and the connection that resonates through song, in a light, but soulful sound. Inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Etta James, and Celine Dion; Cardin began writing original songs as a teenager and experienced the first breakthrough with her 2016 EP, Big Boy

Today, Charlotte debuts a video for her latest single, “Double Shifts.” Cardin’s quintessential minimalistic approach [towards instrumentation and production] is present but heightened with inner-emotional thoughts, pulsating minor chords, and lyrical nuances. The sophisticated 23-year-old is on the fast track towards global stardom, touring non-stop over past the year; The Montreal-based vocal goddess is one to look out for in the months ahead. 

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