Fisher B2B Chris Lake | “We f*ckin Love it”

by Paulette Ely

If you have operating ears and any access to a radio or music streaming device, you have probably heard Grammy nominated dance recording, “Losing It,” from the production works of Paul Fisher. For the last year this song not only ran through my head constantly from day to day, played at least once at every party I attended, was remixed by most DJ’s in each set I saw, but also became pretty symbolic of my mind as I covered the night of all nights on Saturday at The Shrine. 


Australian producer, Fisher, goes BACK 2 BACK with his close companion and production prodigy, Chris Lake. This show’s tickets sold out for all dates at The Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall within 10 minutes.


Fisher, formally apart of DJ duo Cut Snake and fresh from of the world of professional surfing, has been making major waves in music as we know it this year. As a match made in heaven, British electronic music king, Chris Lake, has collaborated with Fisher to create jaw-dropping drops and performances worth being on stand-by to buy your ticket into. This show was no exception. Even in a packed crowd with thousands of sparkled girls and slightly sweaty guys, absolutely no one was ready for this set.


The music really spoke for itself, as the two let their sound boards, smiles and flailing arms speak to the excitement that the performers truly shared with the entire crowd. That was until an hour and thirty minutes into the set when Fisher exclaimed his first words to the audience, “HOW FUCKING GOOD IS THIS SHIT MOTHERFUCKERS!” Indeed, it was that fucking good. Crowd control is a complete understatement as the two had full control of all of us, playing out each song to its very last drop and keeping us all until the very end of the show for an unforgettable mash up of Chris Lakes, “Operator,” and of course, “Losing It.” Yes, some shoes came off and it is no question that the freaks came out to the Shrine last Saturday. We’re all beyond stoked to see what's next for the guys’ careers and we’ve got our fingers crossed for more collaborations!


Photos by: Paulette Ely