Elizabeth Hilfiger's Online Shop Foo and Foo Offers StreEtwear and a Quirky Art Auction

by Flaunt Intern

Artist Alba Hodsoll's  Playboy , from the month and year she was born.

Artist Alba Hodsoll's Playboy, from the month and year she was born.

Opening Elizabeth Hilfiger's clothing site, Foo and Foo, encourages a range of feels: excitement, intrigue, curiosity, and confusion. Daughter of designer Tommy Hilfiger, twenty-three-year-old Elizabeth is launching her own clothing line. It’s a streetwear brand consisting of tees and hoodies. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Hilfiger's designs are both eclectic and simple.

Her clothing yeilds a nostalgic and minimalist design accompanied by her namesake logo that stems away from the iconic Hilfiger brand. Make no mistake, she is not her father. Elizabeth is emerging in the fashion industry by creating an artistic statement that goes beyond contemporary fashion. Her website is a collage, showcasing a gallery and her clothing store, which invites the curious and the creative.

Breaking the conventionality of both art and fashion, Hilfiger is doing something unique and unexpected. In lieu of her launch, she has collaborated with Art. World founder Song-I Saba to showcase young and promising artists emerging into the art world.

An E. Wilke pipe smoked by artist Ondine Vinao's father, Ezekiel Vinao,

An E. Wilke pipe smoked by artist Ondine Vinao's father, Ezekiel Vinao,

With what can be called a "sentimental auction," these upcoming artists will sell off a single item of personal and sentimental value, creating a connection between both the seller and the bidder. Even better: the viewer can purchase these items online during the auction, which went live yesterday (Dec. 13), here.

Artist   Sang Woo Kim's palette

Artist Sang Woo Kim's palette

Combining both the fashion and art industry, the concept of Hilfiger's ideas are refreshing, yet strange. She marries the two industries, unifying them with the simple idea that both mediums are inspiring and bold.

Written by Leslie Gonzalez