Open House: Chanel Celebrates Color at Beauty House for We Love Coco

by Flaunt Staff

They say with the right shade of lipstick, you can conquer the world. It's time to put your money where your mouth is and find out. Chanel will be hosting a colorful four-day celebration from March 1st to 4th, in honor of their new Instagram page @WeLoveCoco. The page pays homage to users whose beauty routine is Chanel-centric. The free interactive event will pay homage to a similar selection of aficionados.

 Fans can join the Chanel team at the iconic CHANEL Beauty House on Sunset, to explore their assortment of hues. With the help of on-site makeup artists and computer color-stations, attendees can sample any tone (literally or digitally) that fits their fancy, and buy the ones that do the trick. Guests can also explore the luxurious color-themed rooms and cabanas, complete with fluffy neon beds you can chill on and bath tubs filled with pearls that you can relax in. There’s even an arts and crafts station for all the Pinterest lovers out there. Rebellious visitors may even choose to color outside the lines on the bathroom mirrors.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.35.06 PM.png

Miss Coco Chanel might have been biased to a particular bold shade of rebellious red, but nonetheless all colours will certainly be celebrated at this bash. Gather your gal pal and reserve your spot at to get a chance to unleash your creative whimsies and score some sweet selfies!