Flaunt Premiere | Evelyn Frances "I Could Feel You"

by Flaunt Magazine

Evelyn Frances’ “I Could Feel You” is a mantra, an intoxicating incantation, and a warning. It’s as much a reflection on our desecrated environment as it is about the fractured human condition in which we currently find ourselves. Accompanied by a beautiful yet somber music video directed by Samantha Shay, founder of Source Material Records, and videographed by Chloe Jarnac, Evelyn sings to Mother Nature, engages with her, maybe even asks her for forgiveness. The track begins with stripped-down and raw vocals, which crescendo into a rhymically charged cacophony, followed by a delicate dénoument of flutes, and loop back to the vocal mantra to complete the cycle. Bliss.

“I Could Feel You” is the second single off Frances’ seven-track debut album, Seed, which, along with the strained relationship between humanity and nature, touches upon the many faces of love and anxiety. Grammy-winning engineer and producer Phil Joly (Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, The Strokes) creates an ethereal sonic landscape fit for contemplation and meditation, which pairs seamlessly with Shay and Jarnac’s aerial visuals.

Seed, and more specifically, “I Could Feel You” are the natural results of a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born from a jazz instrumentalist and author, whose childhood was shaped by creativity, pop-culture and the power of words, and whose mission to blend experimental, folk and electronica has been accomplished.

Seed releases April 26th, in conjunction with an album release concert held at C’mon Everybody Venue in Brooklyn, NY.